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Stepping into the unknown...

Setting up a webpage for Slatequarry Photography is something I have thought about but always put off. Too many other things to do, how would I keep on top of it, what if no one goes near it or even sees it. Plenty of "what if's".

But if you don't give it a go you will never know.

Photography is my hobby, my switch off time.I love landscapes, rural images mainly around Tyrone - Cookstown, Dungannon, local towns and villages and the neighbouring counties.

This site is my first step into the unknown. I look forward to sharing my journey through life's lens with those of you who take a moment to view the site or read the blog.

As an amateur, freelance photographer I hope that my images will give you the opportunity to see some of the scenes dotted across the Irish landscape. mixed in with this will be other unique or "different" angles o something that caught my eye.

Images of different sizes can be printed, let me know what you have in mind and I will be more than happy to see how I can work with you.

Finally, I hope you enjoy how this site develops over time as more images are added to the shop.