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Autumn Leaves

Leaves captured in a stream in Pomeroy Forest, County Tyrone

First Snows, Slatequarry

The first snows of winter in my neighbouring fields, Slatequarry, County Tyrone

Hook Lighthouse

Hook Lighthouse in the early morning from an adjacent field of barley.

bee on a Mission

Sunflowers near Portglenone, County Antrim, a bee just enters the photo heading for the tall flowerhead.

Sunflower Field, Portglenone

An amazing display of colour in Portglenone

The Forge

An image inspired by the poetry of Seamus Heaney.

The Croppy Boys, Wexford

A roadside piece of art to recall the 1798 rebellion in Ireland.

Cloth Hall

The Cloth Hall dominates the main square in Krakow Old Town. Stunning at night.


Inspired by one of Seamus Heaney's poems.

Ball of Colour

Captured in a garden this round delicate ball of colour caught my eye.


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