Tirnaskea Road, Pomeroy, Dungannon, Co Tyrone

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Based in the rural landscape of Co. Tyrone, I am an amateur photographer inspired by my local countryside and its people.

My interest in photography has always been buried in there, somewhere, but eventually I took the plunge and bought a camera to get me started, a Sony Cybershot.  That was in December 2014. A family holiday was the perfect excuse.

The Red Door image was an early photo I took with the Sony and one that has stayed with me ever since. I love the contrast of the red paint peeling against the old fading whitewashed wall.

In 2016 I bought a new camera, the Fuji X-T10 and since then I have enjoyed experimenting with it taking a wide range of images.

I hope you enjoy the images you encounter on this site and don't forget to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

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